Official Announcement 4/30/06

On Sunday, April 30th at 5PM, Malachy McCourt will throw his hat into the race for Governor of the State of New York. McCourt will make his announcement outside the Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY in the south garden. McCourt is appearing later that evening as part of “A Night of Humor and Song” event to support the independent, commercial-free radio station WBAI 99.5 FM and its broadcast of the Hudson River Clearwater Folk Festival.

Malachy McCourt is seeking the Green Party line for Governor. He will be one of the candidates at the Green Party of New York State Convention in Albany on May 20, 2006. McCourt’s campaign has already set up a web-site at  and a Listen Line at 646-213-1870.

Some of the issues that McCourt’s campaign will be highlighting are: Promoting peace, ridding NY State of nuclear energy, and abolishing the death penalty. Malachy McCourt notes, “It is quite clear in the Bible ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’” In addition, McCourt has stated that he will use the campaign “to bring to light the neglect of folks with disabilities”. His wife, Diana McCourt, will serve the campaign as the point person on disability issues.

Local Greens are excited about having Malachy McCourt in the race. Maria Kuriloff, a Green activist from Nassau County, is McCourt’s Campaign Manager. Kuriloff is a fan of McCourt’s progressive take on politics and his engaging humor on WBAI. So, Kuriloff recruited McCourt to run with the Green Party in this important race. Kuriloff says, “If we can gather 15,000 signatures for Malachy McCourt, we earn the right to continue to enroll as Green Party voters in New York State. If Malachy McCourt receives 50,000 votes for Governor, the Green Party will regain its automatic ballot status. We think Malachy can do it.”

McCourt’s campaign slogan is: “Don’t waste your vote, give it to me.”

Malachy McCourt is an author, thinker and raconteur. He has been on the New York Times bestseller list with his book A Monk Swimming. McCourt is also the co-author, with his brother Frank McCourt, of the play A Couple of Blaguards. Malachy McCourt’s memoir, Singing My Him Song is now out in paperback. Other books by McCourt are: the history of the song Danny Boy, a history of The Claddaugh Ring, Voices of Ireland, an anthology, Malachy McCourt's History of Ireland, Harold Be Thy Name and Bush Lies in State. The newest book in the works is, I Never Drink When I'm Sober. McCourt writes a column, “Sez I to Myself”, that appears in the Manhattan Spirit, The Westsider and Our Town in NYC.

In the early seventies Malachy McCourt was one of the first radio talk show hosts on WMCA and also worked at WOR, WNYC and WABC. He was a frequent guest on the Tonight Show, Merv Griffin and Tom Snyder shows and most recently he was a guest on Conan O'Brien and the Late, Late Show on CBS. McCourt also had a long-running show on non-commercial, progressive radio station WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City. He still makes many appearances on WBAI and is also glad to be helping with fundraising at the Cinema Arts Centre event.

You may also have seen Malachy McCourt’s on screen performances, including: soap operas such as Ryan's Hope, Search for Tomorrow, One Life to Live, and All My Children; movies such as Molly Maguires, She's the One, The Devil's Own, and Green Card; and TV movies such as You Can't Go Home Again, Ash Wednesday, and the Dain Curse. He also has a running part in the HBO prison series “Oz”.

Malachy McCourt has been the recipient of awards from various organizations such as: City Club of New York (Gadfly Award), New York Magazine (Best of New York Award), Turning Point Inc. (Humanitarian Award), World of Hibernia (Super Irish Award), Irish America Magazine (Top 100 Irish Award), NYCLU (Florina Lasker Civil Liberties Award).

The campaign of Malachy McCourt for Governor will certainly be an entertaining and meaningful adventure in third party politics. Greens and other progressives are excited to have Malachy McCourt in the race.

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