Malachy wants to bring the New York National Guard home from Iraq

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malachy_announcepodium2.jpgThis past weekend, in Huntington, Long Island, Malachy McCourt officially announced his candidacy for the Green Party nomination for Governor of New York State. McCourt will speak about the war and other points of his program at the Green Party of New York State nominating convention on May 20th in Albany. The Green Party will choose a full Peace Slate for 2006, including candidates for: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Senator, Attorney General and Comptroller. For more information about the Green Party Convention and Peace Slate, please go to  At his formal announcement in Hungtington, McCourt explained to those assembled: “My qualifications for this position are as follows: I’m not a politician. I’m reasonably intelligent. And, I firmly trust the folks that work for the state that they will know their jobs and that I will consult all and every person from accountants to park rangers to janitors on how best to do this job of governor.” McCourt also described the larger intentions of his campaign. He said, “Like Martin Luther King, I have dreams about what could be. That the state could be a place of contentment and peace for old people, a place of wonder for little children, a place where the rest of us could have our song, our joy, our laughter, where we could have peace and decency and a proper regard for peoples’ rights, which now are slowly being done away with.” Since McCourt is known as an author and raconteur, it was not surprising that in his first speech as a politician he elaborated on his dream by quoting from memory a William Butler Yeats poem. McCourt began, “I wish for thee embroidered heavens’ cloths…” And, ended with “I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”


Green Party of Suffolk Press Secretary Kimberly Wilder introduces …


Third Congressional District Green Party candidate Jim Brown


Green Party of Suffolk Chair Roger Snyder introduces…


Author/Actor/WBAI Producer Janet Coleman introduces…


Green Party Governor hopeful Malachy McCourt



 All Photos in this post by Robert A. Kelly

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