Malachy on the Democratic/Republican conventions

mm3.JPGMalachy McCourt, the Green Party candidate for Governor of New York, had the following observation about this week's concurrent major-party conventions:

"George Clinton, the first Governor of New York, called himself a Democratic-Republican, as did seven of his successors. So, the Republicans and the Democrats of today could save a lot of time and money by combining their conventions, and selecting a Republic-Dem or a Dem-Repub, as you would need a powerful microscope to tell the difference between them these days. Unlike the Greens, who you can have no doubt about where the Greens stand, as I will be standing for office as a Green."

The values that the Green Party and Malachy McCourt will be standing for are: Non-violence; Grassroots Democracy; Ecological Wisdom; and Economic and Social Justice. These values are the Four Pillars of the Green Party.

This week, in Buffalo, the New York State Democratic Party meets to select its Governor candidate. At the same time, the New York State Republican Party will meet at Hofstra University to select its Governor candidate.

Author and activist Malachy McCourt was nominated to be the Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) Governor candidate at an Albany convention on Saturday, May 20, 2006. 

Malachy McCourt is part of the Green Party Peace Slate. The other Green Party Peace Slate candidates who will be on the ballot with McCourt are: Alison Duncan for Lieutenant Governor, Howie Hawkins for Senate, Rachel Treichler for Attorney General, and Julia Willebrand for Comptroller.
You can hear more of Malachy's comments about the campaign on the Malachy for Governor Listen Line at: (646) 213-1870.

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