Malachy urges Abolition of Death Penalty

Malachy McCourt, author/activist, is the Green Party candidate for Governor of New York. Making sure that the death penalty is abolished in New York State is one of the key issues of McCourt’s campaign. McCourt has noted that, “It is quite clear in the Bible ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.'”


McCourt is concerned with a vote in the State Senate which may bring back the death penalty to New York State. McCourt urges citizens to contact their State Senators and ask them to vote NO on the bills S2727 and S6771, currently before the State Senate.


McCourt stated, “I think the state should never be in the business of death. There’s no such thing as a just killing of any human being. And, the death-penalty is a cold-blooded, revengeful thing.” He continued with the reflection, “If, as the Chinese say, you take revenge, you dig two graves, one for the person you kill, and one for yourself.”


Like many Greens, McCourt admires advocacy groups like New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty (NYADP) who work on these issues. There is more information on why the death penalty should be abolished at their web-site, Below is an overview of the events surrounding the death penalty issue in New York, based on research from the NYADP web-site:


Jun 24 04 State Appeals court overturns death penalty

July 20 04 25 speakers in Democratic Conference speak against new death penalty bill. Aug 11 04 Senate passes new death penalty bill.

Sep 14 04 Silver says Assembly will take no action now.

Dec 04- Feb 05 At packed Assembly hearings in NYC and Albany, witnesses and audience agree death penalty must go.

Mar 9 05 Senate passes new death penalty bill.

Apr 16 05 Assembly Codes Committee decisively defeats death penalty.

June 13 06: S2727 and S6771 are currently before the State Senate. A yes vote on these bills could move New York towards reinstating the death penalty.


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