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petition.jpgFor more information, contact GPNYS Petition Coordinator Judith Einach at or (716) 316-5839.

Completed petitions can be mailed to: Judith Einach, PO Box 711, Buffalo NY 14213

It is imperative we press on in pursuit of a more open electoral process in New York State. Our first goal is 10,000 signature by July 23. It’s so important to get out and petition early!

Our task is to collect 25,000 – 30,000 or more signatures for this year’s slate of Green Party candidates. The last day for filing is Aug. 22nd. We have to collect an average of 6000 or more signatures a week. Petitioning began on July 11. Many petitioners are already working the streets and festivals.

Please read the petitioning instructions. Petitioning for statewide office is slightly different than petitioning for local races.

All petitions should be printed on white paper. If you’ve already printed petitions on colored paper, that’s ok, just next printing make it white.
Money has been allocated for paid petitioners. Most paid petitioners will lilkely be located in the NYC area just because of the sheer numbers of people there.

Please do not hang onto too many signatures. It’s better to get them to a central location where we can clean them and sort them before the final week of petitioning when we’ll be bombarded with work. NYC-based local coordinators will deliver petitions to the Manhattan Office. Everyone else around the state should send petitions to

Judy Einach
PO Box 711
Buffalo, NY 14213

It’s best to use the US Postal Service, priority or express mail, depending on how early you’re getting signatures in. If you use another US Postal Service alternative be sure you ask for Delivery Confirmation.

Petitions are legal documents and we can’t replace all your hard work. Please keep them very secure.

Get out there! Hit the streets! Hit the festivals! Bring it home for the Green Party!

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