Photos of Malachy petitioning in the Theatre District 8/2/06


Malachy McCourt, author/activist/actor and Green Party candidate for governor was in the Theatre District early today, gathering signatures. 

petitioning1.jpgThe Theatre District is a logical place for Malachy McCourt to find supporters. Malachy is the co-author of a play, “A Couple of Blaguards”, which he co-wrote with his brother, Frank McCourt. Malachy McCourt has appeared in plays such as, “Mass Appeal”, “Da”, “Inherit the Wind”, and “Translations.” and, McCourt has appeared on television in projects such as “The Dain Curse”, and the HBO tv series “Oz”. Malachy McCourt has also discussed art and politics on air at WBAI FM/99.5 out of New York City.

petitioning4.jpgIn keeping with his theatre tradition, Malachy has adopted a very moving and unlikely campaign theme song. The song is, “Wild Mountain Thyme.” Malachy often sings that song at campaign appearances. He appreciates being able to lead politically minded people to sing along with him as the lyrics say, “…and we’ll all go together…” There is video of Malachy making a speech and leading a group of supporters in song at: . Or, go to to seek out video.

petitioning3.jpgIn order for McCourt to be on the ballot, he will need to collect 15,000 signatures from all around the state. He is well on the way to accomplishing this goal, but still needs help.  Malachy is part of a slate of candidates nominated by the Green Party. Since all of the Green Party statewide candidates are pledged to use their office to bring an end to the War in Iraq, they have been named “The Green Party Peace Slate.”

The Greens are not an official “party” under New York State Law. Instead, they are considered an “independent body”, which makes it more difficult to run candidates. Though, it also means that any voter in New York can sign the petition, and any voter in New York can gather signatures. Click here to find out how to petition to help Malachy get on the ballot.

Photos by Nicole

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