Malachy reads in Woodstock, Sat. Aug 26th


Malachy McCourt will be speaking at the Woodstock Library Forum this
Saturday August 26th at 5:00 pm. The Woodstock Library is located at the
corner of Tinker St, and Library Lane.

Malachy McCourt’s latest book is “I Never Drink When I’m Sober.” He has previously published a book of daily reflections for people in recovery called, “Harold Be Thy Name.” His memoir, “A Monk Swimming” was a New York Time’s best-seller. Malachy McCourt wrote the play, “A Couple of Blaguards”, in collaboration with his brother, Frank. Malachy McCourt has also been a radio host on WAMC, and on WBAI 99.5 FM/Pacifica Radio. Recently, he was the guest host on the Alan Colmes show. 

Malachy McCourt is also the Green Party candidate for governor of New York. His campaign will focus on, among other things, abolishing the death penalty, bringing the National Guard home from Iraq, and providing single-payer universal health coverage for all New Yorkers. Malachy McCourt’s books are available here, through the campaign web-site.

Malachy McCourt was born in Brooklyn and raised in Ireland. He spends much of his summers in Woodstock. He is pleased to be reading at the Woodstock Library this weekend.

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