Peace Mom supports peace candidate, Malachy McCourt for Governor

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A new Cindy Sheehan video unveils her support for Green Party Governor Candidate Malachy McCourt. In the video, Sheehan states, “I am supporting Malachy McCourt…I believe the people of New York want peace.”

Cindy Sheehan is a grieving mother, who, in 2004, lost her son, Casey, to the War in Iraq . Now, Cindy is a peace activist and the founder of Camp Casey , a series of peace gatherings around the country. Sheehan has a new book out entitled, “Peace Mom: A Mother’s Journey Through Heartache To Activism.”

Malachy McCourt is a NY Times Best-Selling author and a politically-minded radio host. McCourt is presently running for Governor of the State of New York on the Green Party line.


Cindy Sheehan and Malachy McCourt met in 2004, long before McCourt dreamed of being a candidate, or even a Green Party member. They met only a few days after Sheehan’s son Casey had died. It was long before anyone would have dreamed that Sheehan’s grief would transform her into a national spokesperson for peace. They became friends when Malachy McCourt called to offer condolences, after seeing the picture in the NY Times of Sheehan’s other son kissing Casey’s coffin. The Sheehan name was in McCourt’s family tree, so he felt a special connection to her family. Over the years, they became friends.


This past week, Sheehan decided to make a public statement supporting his candidacy. The statement says, “I am supporting Malachy McCourt…He is a man of courage, integrity, he’s a dear friend of mine.”


Sheehan went on to say, “I believe the people of New York want peace. I do a lot of work here. Everywhere I go, people are energized for peace. And, people really are tired of the same party politics as usual.”


In turn, McCourt supports the work of Sheehan and other peace activists. Malachy McCourt and Sheehan marched together as part of the lead contingent in the UFPJ April 29th peace march in New York City . At a recent Black-47 Fundraising Concert for his campaign, Malachy McCourt spoke of Sheehan from the stage, “The name Sheehan in the Gaelic is siochain [SHEE’-a-kwan], which means “peace.” So, Malachy said of Cindy Sheehan, she is “The Apostle of Peace.”


Malachy McCourt has taken the issue of peace as an important part of his campaign. Both the Democratic and the Republican governor candidates support the War in Iraq . Malachy McCourt has made it a campaign pledge to call the NY National Guard home. In addition, the Green Party’s four pillars include: Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social and Economic Justice and Peace/Non-violence.


Article by Kimberly Wilder

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