Malachy Window Art: The Great Peace Pumpkin


Happy Halloween 2007/2008! update:

Looks from the blog stats like some people are coming here by looking up pumpkins and window art. So, for what it is worth, I think I will tell you what you may have been looking for. I went to the paint store and learned that the best way to do this is with tempera paint. It takes soap and water and some elbow grease to get off, but it worked well. My first idea of bathtub crayons was not a great idea. Wipeable markers were slightly adequate, but, messy, and less vibrant, and took a long time to cover the surface. – Kimberly Wilder

Back to the post from the campaign:

Here is my latest “Cultural Workers for Malachy” project. I created a huge, window art display to celebrate Malachy, the Green Party and Halloween.

I also had an idea. Let’s have a contest–well more of a motivational game and a creative challenge. Long Island for Malachy/Cultural Workers for Malachy will accept submissions until Election Day of art, music, poetry, or whatever, from any cultural worker who supports Malachy. We will post the best ideas here and at the Cultural Workers for Malachy site. And, we will give one winner a free t-shirt from the LI for Malachy shop! (You can pick, but isn’t the neon Cultural Workers design cool?)

About Charles Schulz, my window art, and Linus: It was so fun to create this window display. I have been discouraged that since I live in a co-op apartment, we are not allowed to plant a lawn sign. At least I had my window to decorate.

The most fun I had was mixing the orange paint, and realizing that an orange peace sign would look something like a pumpkin. Hence, The Great Peace Pumpkin. (I had wanted a little whimsy on my window.)

I will admit, I was the kind of kid who stayed up for Santa until I was 12 years old. And, while I never actually believed in The Great Pumpkin, the story did really resonate for me. I found it to be so beautiful and magical. I could be Linus. I believe in miracles.

Hey, I’m not a kid anymore, but I can still believe that people all around New York, will paint Great Peace Pumpkins on their windows and walls.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween, and create some awesome art to spread the word about Malachy and the Green Party. And, maybe, just maybe you will find time to stop and meditate at The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch.


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