Cindy Sheehan retiterates endorsement of Malachy McCourt for Governor

from Howie Hawkins Press Release:

Cindy Sheehan Reiterates Her Endorsements of Howie Hawkins and Malachy McCourt

A mailer from the Working Families Party that arrived in many voters’  mailboxes on Friday and Saturday depicts Cindy Sheehan, along with Pete Seeger and Michael Moore, urging voters to voters to support bringing the troops home by voting for Democrats running on the Working Families Party line.

Last month, Cindy Sheehan had endorsed the Green Party candidates Howie Hawkins for US Senator and Malachy McCourt for Governor.

The Working Families Party endorsed all the Democrats running for statewide office….

Early Saturday evening Cindy Sheehan issued the following clarification of her position:

“I support a lot of the work of the Working Families Party and especially Mr. Pete Seeger who has been an amazing warrior for peace. However, I cannot support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton who is ensconced in the all-Democratic slate. She is not pro-peace, or even anti-war and has been a rubber stamp for George Bush’s war of terror. Many of the candidates that the WFP supports are worthy of support, but certainly not Senator Clinton.

“I support Howie Hawkins in his campaign against Hillary Clinton and I support Malachy McCourt in his campaign for governor.

“Peace, Cindy Sheehan.”


A video of Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan endorsing Green Party candidate Malachy McCourt for New York Governor can be found on the homepage of

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