malachyannounce_grouplaugh.jpgSenior Advisor: Roger Snyder / rogersnyder at pobox dot com

Committee Chairperson: Kimberly Wilder / votewilder at yahoo dot com

Press contacts to: Kimberly Wilder, Committee Chairperson, at  / votewilder at yahoo dot com

[2014 update: The “Long Island for Malachy Committee” is closed, and this campaign is over. Though, you can reach Kimberly and Ian Wilder at (631) 727-7493]

Treasurer: Ian Wilder / Please contact Ian if you have any questions about donating to “Long Island for Malachy!”. [Update: Thank you for your interest. Though, the campaign committee connected with this site is closed. We are not accepting donations.]

Pictured: Malachy McCourt talking with Roger Snyder, center, at Malachy’s opening campaign event at the Cinema Arts Center in Huntington. Photo by Robert A. Kelly.


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