mm_and_another_baby.JPG“Every American deserves a living wage. Every American deserves healthcare, or as I call it, sickness care. All the children deserve a good education. They deserve a clean, decent, environment, air that they can breathe, water that they can drink and swim in, food that they can eat. And, they should be able to go to schools where it is a joyful place, where art is honored, where music is honored, where literature is honored, where song is honored, and where the teachers are honored and awarded and revered and given the same laudatory applause that goes to billionaires who hit balls in fields in front of thousands of people in front of stadiums that have been built, that citizens have been robbed to build them.”

~Malachy McCourt, Times Square, June 1, 2006

Key Issues:

Non-Profit Questionnaires:

2006 Green Party of New York State Platform (PDF)

Photo by Devya Arthur. Malachy McCourt and supporters at the May 20, 2006 GPNYS State Convention in Albany.


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