Dear fellow Long Islanders,

Friends and neighbors across Long Island are gathering to ensure Green Party ’s Governor candidate Malachy McCourt gets 10,000 votes from Nassau and Suffolk counties.  It is important we spread Malachy’s message of peace  in this election and shifting the power to the people. Long Island for Malachy! needs funds to give the status quo the most important civics lesson it has ever received!

Together we CAN make a difference. If 50 individuals across Long Island hold a house party that raises $200, that’s $10,000 dollars and hundreds of individuals who will be organized and motivated to vote for Malachy McCourt and the GPNYS Peace Slate on November 7th

What is a House Party?

A House Party is a small-scale fundraiser held in a residence or free community room by an individual or group of individuals who want to help spread the word about this campaign. It is a way to involve you and your friends and neighbors in the political process. House Parties are not only to help raise funds and generate volunteers for this grassroots campaign, but also are a great way to encourage dialogue about important issues and to have some fun with friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers. We’ll provide materials to keep the party fun and informative, after you’ve signed up!


It’s called a party for a reason—and the first goal of your party should be to have a good time. House parties are a great way to raise awareness and raise money for a cause that you and your like-minded friends believe in. We hope to raise $200.00 or more from each house party, but we also recognize the importance of raising awareness. House parties provide us with a way to network with you and your friends so that we can boost our base of supporters.


1.Set a date for the party several weeks in advance to give yourself enough time. No matter what date you set someone will not be able to make it, so set one that is convenient for you. Let us know when the date is by contacting Ian Wilder ian.wilder at yahoo dot com. We will try to to arrange for a Long Island for Malachy! staff member to assist you.

2. Make a list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors and activists that you would like to invite. Go through your address book and email lists. If you want, encourage each guest to bring someone along.

3. Invite your guests. Either phone them or send them invitations. Some online companies let you sent out the invites and track the RSVP.

4. Plan the event. The most successful events are always ones that are planned in advance. You don’t need to put in much effort here, but having a quick agenda will help you to relax and have a good time with your guests. Think about how you want to set things up:

  • What supplies (munchies and beverages) will you need?
  • Do you want to make it a potluck and have friends bring their best dish?
  • How do you want to structure the evening?
  • Who will ask for contributions to Long Island for Malachy? Have them prepare a little speech.

5. Have fun! It’s a party. There shouldn’t be any stress. You’re bringing together people for a great cause. Enjoy! On the day of the party, you should have everything set up and ready to go at least half an hour early. If necessary, make signs to direct people to the appropriate location. Mingling: At the event, you should introduce people to one another, talk to them before the pitch, and make sure they are properly satiated with food and drink.

6. Thank your guests. Ask them to invest in bringing the Peace movement into the polling booth. Make sure to tell your friends and neighbors thank you for coming. Make sure you ask them if they’d like to donate…and hand out our form for easy giving.

7. See if anyone at your party is interested in hosting their own Patriots for Peace house party, or otherwise volunteering with the campaign.

8. Follow up. Make sure to tell guests that the Malachy! for Governor campaign has more information at its website.


  • Welcome (1 minute)
  • Tell your guests why you’ve asked them to come. For example, “It’s great to have you all here.”
  • Talk the Talk. (15 minutes)
  • After the explaining why the Long Island for Malachy! campaign is important, take time to talk with your group
  • Ask for a contribution. (5 minutes)  Ask guests to consider making a donation. Place a donation basket in a central location—perhaps near the food or on the living room coffee table and label it creatively, like “Long Island for Malachy! Fund” or “Donation Station”
  • Thank you. (1 minute) Thank your guests for coming and for making a donation.


Do I need to list my house party publically?
No, you can just keep it to your acquaintances. If you want to widen your circle, we would be glad to list it on the Long Island for Malachy! website.

Is there a House Party near me?
Check out our public house Party list to find out if there’s a Long Island for Malachy!house party in your area.

How can I contact the coordinator of the house party I signed up for?
When you find a house party in your area, you can email the host to find out the details of that particular party.

What if there are no house parties near me?
It is quick and easy to plan your own Long Island for Malachy! house party. You can find all the information you need on our website. Read the tips and sample agenda and sign up to host a party. Then you choose whether you want to make it a public party or limit it to just you and your friends.

There isn’t a house party in my area and I don’t want to host one myself—what should I do?
Keep checking the listings because new parties are being added regularly.

If I schedule my own house party, what do I have to do?

  • Register your event with us.
  • Be a friendly, fun host.
  • Ask for contributions, and volunteers.


  • Let the media know about your house party and be prepared to talk to reporters if they show up at your event. We can help.
  • Take a digital picture of your group and email send it to us.

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