11/6/06 New Paltz Nation Editorial Staff Endorses: Some Green Some Blue, New Paltz Nation, NY

11/6/06 October Surprises, N.J., Hevesi, Green Party & Gay Pets, The New York Blade, NY
11/5/06 Elections November 7!, No Land Grab, NY

11/3/06 LETTER FROM NEW YORK Writer, laborer, actor — governor? Green Party candidate Malachy McCourt has done it all, but he vows he’d do a lot more in the state’s top job, the Tribune’s Stevenson Swanson writes, Chicago Tribune, IL

11/3/06 The McCourt Campaign (Part 3), The Limerick Blogger, Ireland

11/1/06 Minor Party Candidates Crowd Top Of Ticket, The Queens Gazzette, NY

11/1/06 Echo Profile: Mission improbable, McCourt gov. bid has serious side, Irish Echo, US

10/31/06 Hip hop, reggae and poetry slam planned, Press & Sun-Belletin, Binghamton, NY

10/31/06 In New York, no candidate opposes ‘reform,‘ but …, Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY

10/30/06 A Green Governor?, WNYC, NY

10/30/06 My ballot, 2006, dietsch, NY

10/28/06 The McCourt Campaign (Part 2), The Limerick Blogger, Ireland

10/28/06 Campaign 2006: Spitzer’s lead keeps governor’s race quiet, Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY

10/28/06 Greens’ candidate blasts corruption, Malachy McCourt makes his gubernatorial point: Give power back to the people, The Post-Standard, Syracuse NY

10/26/06 Green Party governor’s candidate to speak in Albany on Nov. 2, Musings of a (Fairly) Young Contrarian, NY

10/26/06 ‘Somebody had to stand up’ Greens’ candidate wants U.S. to shift course, St. Paul Pioneer Press, MN

10/25/06 Greens block influence, Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton, NY

10/25/06 Air America silences Green Party voices,, US

10/24/06 An Interview with Cindy Sheehan: The Antiwar Movement and Independent Politics, OpEdnews, US

10/24/06 The McCourt Campaign (Part 1), The Limerick Blogger, Ireland

10/24/06 Republican, Democrat or… Rent Is Too (Damn) High, WNYC, NY

10/23/06 Malachy McCourt…the Green Party candidate for Governor of New York State… , WNY Media Network, NY

10/23/06 Why Green Is Good for Gays, Green Party reframes local, state debate, New York Blade, NY

10/22/06 Thoughts On The US Midterm Elections, Swans, CA,

10/22/06 US Midterm Elections: Recommendations, Swans, CA

10/21/06 An Interview with Cindy Sheehan, Bay Area Indymedia, CA

10/21/06 Americans oppose Iraq war, politicians don’t, The Arab American News, US

10/20/06 What gubernatorial candidates say about property taxes, Poughkeepsie Journal, NY

10/18/06 Green Party Candidate Rolls into Buffalo, WNY Media Network, NY

10/18/06 McCourt the Green Governor Irish Voice, Ireland

10/18/06 Green Party Candidate Rolls Into Buffalo, Amherst, Times, NY

10/17/06 21 Days To Election Day, Sunset Parker, NY

10/17/06 For Alternate-Party Candidates, Winning Is Not Everything, Ballot access, influencing Republicans and Democrats are main goals, City Hall News, NY

10/16/06 City Notebook, New York Resident, NY

10/15/06 Cindy Sheehan supports Malachy McCourt for NY governor, Third Estate Sunday Review, CA

10/15/06 Recalling when radio redefined entertainment,, NJ10/14/06 Thumb up. down, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, NY

10/13/06 Independents Could Tip Some Elections, KTTC News, MN

10/13/06 McCourt talks on mondegreens and running as a Green, The Villager, ,NY

10/13/06 Festival celebrates social protest, music, Poughkeepsie Journal, NY

10/12/06 McCourt for Governor of New York, Kirby Mountain, US

10/12/06 Zogby: Malachy at 5% statewide, Rebellion Coffee Company Libertarian Blog, US

10/11/06 “We need more trees and less Bushes” McCourt on the campaign trail, Limerick Blogger, Ireland

10/11/06 Independents could tip races for governor,, ME

10/11/06 James Joyce Says “Vote Green”, nnseek, US

10/10/06 Events for October 11, 2006, New York Observer, NY

10/10/06 Independents could tip some elections, Forbes, US

10/10/06 Independents could tip some elections, Jackson News-Tribune, WY

10/10/06 Stand and Deliver, but No Gum , NY Times, NY (paid registration required)

10/10/06 75-year-old in race to become governor, Irish Independent, Ireland (free registration required)

10/9/06 Demilitarize the Guard? Minor party hopefuls rage against system,, NY

10/9/05 Green Party candidates to rally in Bath, Elmira Star-Gazette,NY

10/9/06 Demilitarize the Guard? Minor party hopefuls rage against system, Newsday, NY

10/9/06 Former NYC Councilwoman Ronnie Eldridge Interviews Malachy McCourt, CUNY-TV, NY (Real Player needed)

10/8/06 Notes and quotes from the campaign trails, Staten Island Advance , NY

10/8/06 Green Party governor hopeful will be in Rosendale, Poughkeepsie Journal, NY

10/8/06 Notes and quotes from the campaign trails, Newsday, NY

10/6/06 Students join anti-Bush march at U.N., Washington Square News, NY

10/5/06 Sometimes I wish, Planet Fear, US

10/5/06 A Mother’s War, Long Island Press, NY

10/4/06 Malachy McCourt for NY Governor, Another Green World, UK

10/3/06 Cindy Sheehan Endorses New York Green Party Candidate, Media bistro: fishbowl NY

10/3/06 Peace Mom For McCourt, Albany Times Union, NY

10/2/06 Torture: The World Can’t Wait, NhanTran Politics News

10/2/06 Sheehan Supporting McCourt, Third Party Watch, US

10/2/06 “Gold Star Mom” Sheehan supporting Malachy McCourt, Greens for Greens, US

10/2/06 Anger and your Emotions-Part 4, Angry in L.A., CA

10/1/06 “Gold Star Mom” Sheehan Supporting Malachy McCourt, Limerick Blogger, Ireland

9/29/06 Kickoff Rally: A Kickin’ Good Time?, Ex Veritate, US

9/28/06 Candidate debates: the puppets and the puppeteers, Musings of a (Fairly) Young Contrarian, NY

9/28/06 A classic WQXR voice signs off after 53 yrs, New York Daily News, NY

9/26/06 Reminder, DangerDemocrat, US

9/26/06 Faso-Spitzer Debate Tonight, Times-Union, Albany, NY

9/24/06 Shades Include Green (Party), Third Estate Sunday Review, CA

9/21/06 Never Too Old to Stop Caring, Where I Stand, US

9/17/06 Green Parties Drive for Ballot Access Across the US, dailyJam, US

9/17/06 Minor candidates tout major reforms, The Journal, Westchester,NY

9/17/06 3rd-party candidates run on unusual platforms, Elmira Star-Gazette, Elmira,NY

9/13/06 “Soldier describes anguish in revealing murder allegations” (Gregg Zoroya), The Common Ills, US9/13/06 Long Island for Malachy campaign well underway, The Limerick Blogger, Ireland

9/12/06 Peacealuya, That’s Plenty, US

9/10/06 Malachy McCourt Wearin o’ the Green, Red Marilyn, US

9/8/06 Malachy McCourt On Sept. 11, 2001,, US

9/5/06 Video: Decision 2006: NY Politics, Hardball with Chris Matthews, MSNBC, US

9/2/06 All governor candidates should be in series, (Letter), Albany Times Union, NY

9/1/06 Your Guide to Long Island, NY: Important Election Information,, US

9/1/06 Interview with Malachy McCourt, radio.indymedia, US

8/31/06 CAMPAIGN 2006 Politically speaking…, Queens Courier, NY

8/29/06 McCourt Files for Governor, Irish Voice, NY

8/23/06 Green Party hopefuls launch bids, Albany Times Union, NY

8/23/06 Blaguard Malachy Runs, New York Observer, NY

8/22/06 Green party candidates file petitions to get on November ballot, Newsday (AP), NY

8/10/06 McCourt brings wit to campaign, The Journal News, NY

8/7/06 Malachy for Governor, ecostreet, UK

8/4/06 Malachy McCourt Fiddles, Burns, Village Voice, NY

New Paltz Nation Speech Video Campaign Speech at New Paltz Nation

Clearwater Video (Broadband) Clearwater Music Fesitival Broadband Clearwater Video (Dial-Up) Clearwater Music Fesitival Dial-Up

Malachy at Press Conference Times Square Video Press Conference in Times Square

Interviews GrannyD WBAI Video (Broadband) Interviews GrannyD WBAI Broadband GrannyD (Dial-Up) Interviews GrannyD WBAI Dial-Up

Interviews Climate Crisis WBAI Video (Broadband) Interviews Climate Crisis Broadband Climate Crisis (Dial-Up) Interviews Climate Crisis WBAI Dial-Up

7/11/06 Love Your Enemies, konkaniworld, India

6/21/06 Irish bards sing a love song for St. Brigid’s Church, The Villager, NY

6/21/06 Malachy McCourt to Run for Governor, New Paltz Nation, NY

6/21/06 ILIR Makes Final Rally Push, Irish Voice, NY

6/19/06 Rebel comes to gov battle, Daily New, NY

6/19/06 Senate GOP wants death penalty, Legislative Gazette, NY

6/12/06 Green Party Fighting Republicrats, New Copy, New York

6/12/06 Green candidate for governor calls ’em Republicrats, Newsday (AP), NY

5/25/06 We Come in Peace, Metroland, Albany, NY

5/21/06 Green Party selects writer, Albany Times-Union, NY

5/15/06 Legislative leaders, candidates speak to reform groups, Legislative Gazette, NY

5/6/06 The Adrian Flannelly Show, WNSR 620 AM

5/5/06 Kirtzman and Kramer, CBS-TV [see video here]

4/30/06 Notes and Quotes from the Campaign Trail, Newsday, NY

4/27/06 McCourt’s brother to run for NY govenor, Limerick Post, Ireland

4/26/06 Green Party Reveals Gov Hopeful, New York Press, NY

4/18/06 Peripatetic New York actor and activist to run for governor, WLUC TV6, MI

4/18/06 Author McCourt to Run for N.Y. Governor, The Washington Post, DC

4/18/06 Author McCourt to Run for N.Y. Governor, The Guardian, UK

4/18/06 Author McCourt to run for N.Y. governor, The Mercury News, San Jose, CA

4/18/06 Author, Activist Malachy McCourt To Run For Governor, WNBC, NY

4/18/06 Author McCourt to Run for N.Y. Governor, The San Francisco Examiner, CA

4/18/06 Author McCourt to run for N.Y. governor, Boston Globe, MA

4/18/06 Author McCourt to Run for N.Y. Governor, Forbes magazine

4/18/06 Author McCourt to run for N.Y. governor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, WA

4/18/06 Author McCourt to run for N.Y. governor, Ledger-enquirer, Columbus, Alabama

4/18/06 Author, activist Malachy McCourt to run for governor, Newsday, LI, NY

4/18/06 Author, activist Malachy McCourt to run for governor, CBS 6, Albany, NY

4/18/06 Author McCourt to Run for N.Y. Governor, Times Tribune, Scanton, Pa

4/18/06 Another Candidate For Governor, Albany Times-Union, NY


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